Thursday, March 13, 2014


When you accept people as they are and not what they've done in the past, you yourself become a much better person. When you first meet someone you try to put your best foot do what ever you can to avoid the "not so nice" things of your past. Some things in our pasts are awful..they are things that we never want to re-live. But in order to have a healthy relationship you must at some point disclose all the demons. By doing this it brings closeness and trust develops, not only from your partner but also yourself. The more someone opens up to you, a closer bond develops. Also, by opening up to the person that could be your future it enables you to let go of control, your past, and enjoy the many rewards that occur when you do. If this person cares about you, they will listen to you. They will hold your hand and hug you if you need it. This by no means isn't an easy task but in the end you will have more peace and serenity in your life together. Why hold anything back from the person you care about? If they care enough about you they will see what an amazing person you are just by letting go and opening the doors of communication. Remember, we ALL have a past...We have ALL done some stuff that we want to forget about..But also remember for most of us, the people that we were are not the same people who we are today. We are beautiful and if someone cares enough that's all they will see.

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