Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Never Know...

I guess at 33 I'm still learning something new every day. Today I learned a valuable lesson that can hopefully help others. We've all had our share of horrific relationships...some back to back. Some that may have turned us extremely jaded When you meet someone and start conversing and hit it off, you try to set those fears aside, praying, hoping that that person will be different. Now, when two people are very cautious it can either go one of two ways...It can either be very toxic or if you actually really do care about the other will both do whatever it takes to help each other let go of the fear with time. No one wants to be hurt in life...I'd personally rather have a physical injury over an mental/emotional one any day. The greatest thing about being a mature adult is knowing that the greatest relationships are born from a friendship. At the end of the day life is about taking chances...because really, who knows? The one thing I personally can't live with in life is regret.

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